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Who We Are

With 10 years of collective experience MustDub is the #1 place for Youtube dubbing. 

Established in 2018, MustDub boasts an extensive portfolio comprising over 300,000+ minutes of dubbed content, coupled with fruitful collaborations with globally recognized corporations. Our enduring objective revolves around continual expansion and the acquisition of knowledge in various domains. Our comprehensive suite of services aims to provide optimal experiences for every client. Through a steadfast dedication to professionalism and unrelenting exertion, MustDub occupies a distinctive position as the sole online destination for streamlined YouTube dubbing services, catering exclusively to the foremost channels in the industry.

On Air Sign

Our Mission

MustDub is the only dubbing agency that provides a full service for YouTube channels. 

We not only create quality dubbing but also understand the languages we work with to boost your dubbed channel's potential. Our method has been proven for over 10 years with outstanding results. There are no other professional options in the market that would take care of your channel as we do. We not only have the experience but the sufficient amount of assets to attend your channel as it deserves. 

Core Values


Our dubbing professionals have more than 15 years o collective experience. We've worked with the biggest brands and had no complaints.


We take just the projects we think have potential to succeed and put in all our assets for that to happen


This agency counts with 20+ voice actors that speak many languages, so there is no limit to ow many channels you can create.

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